We at AWARE INVESTMENTS have always had our own way of work.

Our behavior and service towards our clients on a daily basis are based on our commitment to trust and transparency. Therefore, we share the values in which we believe and our excellence in investment management and financial planning.

All with the aim of providing peace of mind to our clients and their families.

  • Focus on the client – The client and his satisfaction are what moves us.
  • Excellence – We do our best for our service quality.
  • Trust – We are committed to transparency in all we do, and in all the processes that drive our relationship.
  • CollaborationOur dialogues and dealings with our clients are frequent. We use our knowledge and skills in everything we do, in a continuous pursuit for the best business result.
  • Result – Our work’s best result is having as a final product the sum of actions and behaviors that result in performance recognition.

Be AWARE with your investments!


Capacity to service the most different risk profiles, always with the objective of capital preservation, maximizing the risk/return relation.